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Uncategorized / 14.03.2019

⭐️ Certified Level One Crystal Healing Practitioner Training ⭐️ Come along to a fun, practical and informative day of all things crystals. You will learn how to give yourself a crystal healing treatment, crystal meditation, crystal cleansing and you will also learn how to treat your family and friends. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some of the topics that we will cover during the day are as follows; ? Introduction to crystals (including how they work, a brief history, how to use and store them and also how to keep them at their best) ? How to cleanse...

Uncategorized / 14.03.2019

☮️ Certified Level One Reiki Practitioner Training ☮️ This beautiful and very ancient natural healing system has changed my life in its entirety ? Learn to channel the first ancient Japanese healing symbols in order to give healing to yourself and others ?? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some of the areas that we will cover during the day; ? Introduction to reiki, what it is and the first level symbol ? Self treatment care ? Meditative practice using the first level reiki symbol ? Attunements/empowerment’s ? How to work with the different Reiki symbols ? Relieving stress and/or anxiety ? Bedtime Reiki...

Uncategorized / 03.03.2019

? Have you ever wondered what chakras are? ? Do you feel like some of your chakras are blocked or are lacking in energy? ? Do you suffer with anxiety? Difficulty sleeping? Butterflies in your stomach in difficult situations? ? Do you ever feel overwhelmed or down but you can’t quite put your finger on why? If the answer is YES to any of the above, your chakras may well be blocked, unbalanced or in desperate need of recharging ? Have you ever wondered why there are certain points of your body that...