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About Me

Hey there and welcome to my world of peace, harmony, healing and nutrition

I have had a keen interest in nutrition ever since my teens when I became a little overweight when I left primary school. I started reading lots about losing weight naturally and in a healthy way and managed to reach my ideal weight in no time. This spurred me on to see what else I could do with good nutrition so after speaking with my mum, we both embarked on a healthy eating regime whereby we cooked together every single evening, filling our bodies with clean and nutrient dense food.


After leaving secondary school and entering into the world of university, I lost site of everything ‘healthy’ and again gained weight, this time eating emotionally because of the stress of exams and competition amongst my peers. I forgot what it was like to put myself first but soon after leaving uni and embarking upon my teaching career, I quickly managed to lower my stress levels with meditation and exercise and again reached my ideal weight.


The first few years of teaching full time in a secondary school were extremely difficult and my work-life balance went out of the window. When my father suddenly died of unknown circumstances, I again turned to food and began to use it as my comfort. Once again, the weight piled on almost without me noticing until everything became too much and I had to quit my job. This was when I hit an all time low with my eating, my weight and also my self confidence. Having always been a singer and a performer I took the down time to gig, song write, go to the gym daily and cook healthy and nutritious foods.


It was at around the same time that a close family friend became seriously unwell. I watched this person almost fade away before one day being visited by a nutritional therapist that one of her friends had begged her to see. It was soon after this meeting that our family friend changed her entire diet and lifestyle and began her road to recovery 🙂 This made my heart sing and I knew that along with music, nutrition, well-being and healing were the teachers that I wanted to learn from in order to help others gain back control of their lives and their health.


I began studying at the College of Natural Medicine in London, UK, in 2014. It was hands down the very best decision that I have ever made and it completely changed my life, my outlook on everything and most importantly, my own health.


Since then, I have shed some of my weight, I have retrained as a reiki master, a crystal healer and am also well on my way to a shamanic apprenticeship.


I realised very quickly that there is a whole psychology behind eating and also behind taking the very best care of ourselves. I now work with clients to heal their minds so that we can then make changes to balance their health and body.


I class myself as a holistic practitioner and love nothing more than to help people to be the very best version of themselves, reaching their optimal health and fitness goals but also by learning to control their mind. When you have full control of your mind, you are more able to take control of your eating, putting your own health first.


In my spare time I like to meditate, self-heal with reiki or crystals, swim, walk, read, play pool, sing and write songs.


Thank you for taking the time to read this section of my website and please do drop me a message to say hi.


Love & light,


Tiffani ~x~