Equipoise Holistic Health | Reiki Drum & Sound Bath Healing
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Reiki Drum & Sound Bath Healing

? Reiki Drum & Sound Bath Healing ?

?Join us for an incredibly relaxing and healing sound journey

? Allow the sound of the drum to wash over you whilst you journey gently into a beautifully peaceful meditative state

? Start the session by choosing 3 Reiki tarot cards! One for the past, one for the present and one for the future

? Next you’ll choose 1 Crystal from my medicine pouch to be placed on your heart chakra during the Sound Bath

? Lie down or sit comfortably and follow my guided meditation which will lead you into a beautiful state of relaxation

? I will then begin playing my shamanic medicine drum which will magnify your healing experience x10!

? Drum healing has been used for thousands of years to bring tremendous healing, transformation and life enhancement

? The drum rhythm will allow your brain to shift to alpha brainwaves which will in turn allow your entire body to relax and unwind

? Shamans have used drum healing to heal their tribespeople for many thousands of years and the beat is excellent for helping you to let go of anything that no longer serves you

? This workshop is for anyone over the age of 18 years old who would like to take some time for themselves to really unwind, relax and replenish their energy

? During the session, I will also use my voice to sing into your auric field using ancient and beautiful mantras and chants. This allows your aura to cleanse and balance as well as weaving deep into your energy centres/chakras to release any stagnant energy there

? Singing bowls, rain sticks, chimes and other instruments may be used throughout the healing session to aid in your relaxation

? Come along and allow me to transport you to a place of deep healing, allowing the sounds to wash over you, infusing you with energy and clearing your mind of the constant chatter

? Please wear warm and comfortable clothing and bring a cushion and a blanket for your comfort

? Seating is also available for those who do not wish to lie down

? Please be prepared to leave your mobile phone out of the room so that each participant can receive the healing uninterrupted

? Sound healing therapy has been around for such a tremendous period of time and has been shown to allow us to achieve a deep meditative state in order for deep healing to take place

? Only FIVE spaces available on this workshop

? Cost: £17 per person

? Places are strictly limited so book early to avoid disappointment

I look forward to seeing you there! ?

With love & light,

Tiffani ~x~

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