Equipoise Holistic Health | ✨Certified Reiki Level Two Practitioner Training Course✨
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✨Certified Reiki Level Two Practitioner Training Course✨

✨Reiki Level Two Practitioner Training Course in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire✨
This beautiful and very ancient natural healing system has changed my life in its entirety.
Learn how to expand your Reiki knowledge and gain even more transformational empowerment’s/attunements while building upon your own practice and techniques.
Some of the areas that we will cover during the day;
🔸 Advanced self treatment care
🔸 Attunement of the next Reiki symbols (heavenly Ki and the ‘wholeness’ symbol)
🔸 Advanced meditative practice using advanced Reiki symbols
🔸 How to work with the different Reiki symbols
🔸 How to choose which Reiki symbol to work with
🔸 Using specific symbols to relieve stress and/or anxiety
🔸 Bedtime Reiki healing before sleep
🔸How to sleep with the healing energy of a symbol giving you healing throughout the night
🔸 Distant healing
🔸 Beginners animal Reiki healing
🔸 Using the symbols to prepare your healing space
🔸 How to choose which symbols to use on yourself and your clients
🔸 How to meditate on the symbols in order to empower them
🔸 Advanced intuitive healing
🔸 Reiki breath technique
🔸 Advanced protection using the symbols
🔸 Recap as required of level 1 Reiki symbols
🔸 Reiki violet breath meditation
🌟 Training day attendance plus advanced case studies will qualify you for your level 2 Reiki certification.
🌟 Investment for the training day is £165pp.
🌟 Secure your place with a 50% deposit and the remainder 1 week before your training date.
🌟 Saturday 20th July 2019
🌟 10am – 4pm
🌟 Please bring your own packed lunch. Tea, coffee and herbal tea will be available throughout the day
“Being a healer is one of the most rewarding, beautiful and energetically ecstatic careers. It not only enhances your own present mindfulness and life, but that of others” – Tiffani Vinyard of Equipoise Holistic Health
🌸 For more information or to book your place, contact Tiffani:
Some testimonials:
“I cannot thank Tiffani enough for her gentle encouragement. I really didn’t think that I would be able to be a healer but I now have a very busy treatment room in my home. After being in the banking industry for over 20 years, this is a true gift from the universe. Thank you so much!!!!”
“I did my level 1 with tiff when she first qualified and have since used it only on myself and my family. I never intended to use this to start my own business but perhaps I will change my mind as my skills develop. I thoroughly enjoyed the training with tiff and use the self-healing every single day. I cannot recommend her courses highly enough”
“Well what can I say?!! There were a lot of tears, lots of times when I felt energetic discomfort as we moved through our chakras, cleansing and clearing as went with gentle meditation. I was an emotional wreck and yet left the training with a zing in my step. Tiffani and the other ladies I had the pleasure of holding space with literally helped me to lift what felt like the world from my shoulders. I am so excited to continue my reiki journey with Tiffani and am excited to train for my masters certificate this summer”
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