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? Have you ever wondered what chakras are?

? Do you feel like some of your chakras are blocked or are lacking in energy?

? Do you suffer with anxiety? Difficulty sleeping? Butterflies in your stomach in difficult situations?

? Do you ever feel overwhelmed or down but you can’t quite put your finger on why?

If the answer is YES to any of the above, your chakras may well be blocked, unbalanced or in desperate need of recharging ?

Have you ever wondered why there are certain points of your body that feel more sensitive than other parts? For example, if something hits you in the abdomen, it can hurt for days or even weeks after the incident! This is because there are chakras located there and some can be more sensitive than others.

So what are chakras? I like to think of them as specific energy points which run along the spine and down through the centre of the body. Each of these chakras correlate to different organs within the body and can also be associated with different emotions and are usually colour specific.

They can become ‘clogged’ or ‘stagnant’ if we have unspent grief, if we have old hurt or trauma or any other ‘not dealt with’ emotions. Energy can run through the body freely when our chakras are aligned, cleansed and balanced. Therefore, it is super beneficial to know what they are, how they work, what it can feel like if they are ‘stuck’ or ‘tired’ and also what you can do to allow positive and healing energy to flow through them again.

My ALL THINGS CHAKRA online course will teach you the tools you need in order to revive each energy centre in the body whilst teaching you about each chakra in detail.

I always cap my online courses to keep the numbers low so that everyone can receive lots of attention during the 7 day course. Each day, working on one of the main chakras within the body.


♦️ The course will run for 7 days and it is all done online via a private Facebook group

♦️ Daily Chakra meditations

♦️ Daily journaling tasks to work through specific emotions relating to each chakra

♦️ Eat well for your mind, body & soul

♦️ Creating new habits to take you forward

♦️ Journalling your inner most thoughts and feelings, relating to each chakra and the emotions associated with them

♦️ Each day you will be given a BRAND NEW task which will help you to clear any stuck or stagnant energy within the body

♦️ Feel calm each day

♦️ Live your best life

♦️ Sleep better

♦️ Protect yourself from other people’s negativity

♦️ Learn how to ground and resonate calm

♦️ Learn how to manifest using specific chakra meditations

♦️ Learn to put YOU first

♦️ Understand your chakras

♦️ Balance your chakras

♦️ Cleanse your chakras

♦️ Recharge your chakras

♦️ Create an epic morning routine to set your day up to achieve the very best

♦️ Work through and release emotions that are stuck in your energy centres, causing discomfort

♦️ Using and creating affirmations

♦️ Release old trauma

♦️ Release anxiety

♦️ Release anger

♦️ Release stress and stressful situations

♦️ Release negative thought processes

♦️ How to say NO

♦️ Learn to listen to your body

♦️ Learn to charge each chakra one by one

♦️ Sending love & light to each chakra

♦️ Embrace joy and happiness

♦️ Learn techniques to help you to cope with stressful situations

♦️ Learn EFT (emotional freedom technique) and tap beautiful affirmations and beliefs into each chakra each day

I have over a decades worth of experience in this field and have spent many years studying and working through my own chakras in order to pass on the information. Understanding your chakras allows you to tune into your body more. It will open up the flow of chi again so that you can feel energised, organised, calm and at peace.

Being the energy centres of the body, the chakras play a fundamental role in ones physical health. If all chakras are lacking in energy, we can feel incredibly fatigued, stressed and tired.

By the end of this course you should be feeling energised, relaxed, clear on your intentions for the months ahead, balanced, recharged, conscious and more positive.

This course is all done ONLINE so you can work it around your current commitments.

All of the course content, videos, information provided and techniques etc are yours to keep, even after the course is complete.

Give yourself the gift of calm, self love and acceptance. Allow me to take you on a journey of self discovery so that you may start to balance from within. Once the inner work is started, the outer work quickly follows suit.

☯️ Course investment: £29.95 per person
(payable via PayPal or bank transfer)

☯️ Course START DATE is Monday 25th March 2019

☯️ CLOSING DATE for joining is SUNDAY 24th March 2019

☯️ LIMITED to just 20 participants (so that each person gets lots of time throughout the course)

☯️ All details of everything you will need will be emailed to you on completion of booking your place

☯️ Everything will be based ONLINE so you don’t have to worry about missing anything and can catch up with each days tasks if you miss the video posting

☯️ You will be added to a secret Facebook group so that the course is kept private and confidential

☯️ You will he asked to complete a short statement of agreement, agreeing to keep all content completely private and confidential

☯️ I will be sharing special BONUS CONTENT throughout the course

☯️ Each evening, I will be posting the next days tasks so that you can prepare (in the form of a tick list of ‘things to do’)

☯️ Each evening we will be having a CHECK IN POST so that you can voice any breakthroughs, thoughts, questions and/or anything else

? Lets get those energy centres charged and raring to go in order to live your best life

? Give yourself the precious gift of peace and calm ??

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you CAN start where you are and change the ending!” C.S Lewis

I look forward to seeing you on the course!

With love & light,

Tiffani ~x~

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